After Hiatus, Record Returns to Print

Note: This article first appeared in the September 16, 2013 print edition of the Harvard Law Record.

Welcome to the all-new print edition of the Harvard Law Record.

I, together with The Record staff, am excited to reintroduce this edition to the Harvard Law School campus.

The Record is an historic and important publication. Founded in 1946, it is among the oldest law school newspapers in the United States. Authors published in its pages have included Supreme Court Justices (Chief Justice William Rehnquist); famous jurists (Judge Richard Posner); professors (Alan Dershowitz, Charles Ogletree); and esteemed public advocates (Ralph Nader). Among its most storied articles are a first draft of Ralph Nader’s eventual bestseller, Unsafe at Any Speed, and an exclusive interview with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

While The Record has maintained an online presence over the last several years, we felt the time was right to reintroduce a print edition. We hope to use this paper as a platform to incite forward-thinking, helpful, and courteous debate and dialogue. We plan to explore a myriad of issues, relating to the campus specifically, to legal education more generally, and to the world.

In order to make this endeavor successful, we need your help in two ways.

First, we need you to participate in the discussion. There are several ways you can do this. You can:

• Write an article for either the print edition or the online edition (or both). The Record’s policy is to print anything submitted by students, faculty, or staff of Harvard Law School, so long as it complies with the law and at the discretion of the Editorial Board. This means your submissions are welcome, and your voice will be heard.

• Participate in discussion online by submitting insightful comments on articles. The Record’s website can be accessed at

• Share the debate beyond The Record’s website through social media. Like us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter.

Second, we need your help producing this paper. There are many tasks involved, and at the moment we have few people to perform them. We need designers, copy editors, web designers, social media experts, and more. This is an easy way to get involved and make an impact here at HLS, and the time commitment is as much or as little as you like.

To submit an article, get involved, make a suggestion, or comment on this newspaper, please contact me at editor[at] I look forward to hearing from all of you.

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