Announcing a New HLRecord Feature: HLS Lunches

As everyone at HLS knows, the primary (and, let’s be honest, often the only) reason to attend lunch events is the free food.

We’ve all had that experience, though, of showing up to an event that looked mildly interesting only to find that its organizers were not even kind enough to spring for Felipe’s.  Or perhaps you’re one of those people who gets out of a morning class and immediately spends way too long checking every event on Calendar@Law to see where the Thai food is.  Maybe you blew your loan money on hornbooks and highlighters and you’re reduced to surviving on whatever cold pizza and Diet Coke you can glean at the end of the lunch hour.

If any of these describes you (or even if not), then we have a tool we think you’ll like.

Make free lunch freer.  Add to your list of bookmarks, or click HLS Lunches above in the menu bar.


Thanks to Dave LeRay for his hard work on this project.

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