Statistics Suggest Few Top Law School Grads Employed In Public Sector

According to NerdWallet’s Law School Comparison tool, which pulled post-graduate information from thousands of law school graduates from the classes of 2009 through 2011, Columbia Law School graduates reported the highest average salary across all job categories.

According to NerdWallet’s Law School Comparison tool, 7 percent of of Harvard Law graduates are employed in the public interest sector, compared to 11 percent of Yale Law School graduates, 5 percent of Stanford Law School graduates, and 4 percent of Columbia Law School graduates. The majority of recent graduates at Stanford, Columbia, and Harvard are employed at law firms, while only 37 percent of Yale Law recent graduates are at law firms.

The average salaries of recent Harvard graduates employed at law firms was $154,430, compared to the public interest average salaries of $41,742.

Source: NerdWallet’s Law School Comparison tool

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