Live Blog: Harvard Watches the Debate

Plenty of people will be live-blogging the first presidential debate tonight, but here we have what you really want:  a live account of Harvard’s viewing party.

8:54:  The debate hasn’t even started, and the food is already gone. Also, both Ames and the overflow room are showing the debate on Fox News.

8:57:  Announcement: we are thanked by the Harvard Democrats and Republicans, the Dean of Students’ Office, and possibly the Bull-Moose Party (I wasn’t really paying attention).

8:59:  The rainy weather tonight has given people a lot of seat-saving options. There are coats, umbrellas and ponchos all over the Ames’ upholstery.

9:00:  The room hushes to hear Chris Wallace.

9:01:  Some whooping for Jim Lehrer (seriously).

9:02: I appreciate them flashing Jim’s stats as he explains the rules.

9:03:  Lehrer will not tolerate your shenanigans.

9:03: Obama and Romney appear to be getting equal levels of applause here in Austin.

9:06:  The aspect ratio of the projection here is excellent. Kudos to the technical staff.

9:07: Romney bit plays shockingly well to the Harvard Law audience.

9:07:  “Oh, China, you so crazy” seems to be the reaction here in Austin.

9:08:  You’re welcome, Mittens.

9:09: Someone appears to be playing musical chairs in the back of the hall. Some of us are trying to watch others watch the debate.

9:11:  Whoa, Jim it’s your job to ask the questions.

9:13:  The crowd also likes coal.

9:15: For the record, Cult. Lit. does not have a computer.

9:17:  People telling Jim to shut up is apparently hilarious.

9:18: This is a good crowd; they didn’t even need warmed up.

9:20:  Thank you, Bubba.

9:21:  Some guy with a backpack seems to be confused about where his Fed. Courts lecture is.

9:22:  From a Holmesian standpoint, Jim’s telling-off of Romney was pointless.

9:23:  I have it on good authority that they don’t actually have electricity in St. Louis, so this story is really deceptive.

9:23:  We, meaning Obama and Bill Clinton.

9:29: I’m back; they finally put out some more cheese.

9:33:  Up is down, black is white, taxing more reduces revenue.

9:34: Lotta Spain fans in the room.

9:35:  What is the over/under on mentions of “jobs”?

9:36:  A cop just entered the room. We’re all going in the clink.

9:38: “Probably” on the table. Romney’s really putting himself out there.

9:39:  The longer Romney talks, the more restless the room gets.

9:41:  “So what you’re saying is, your grandmother was a leech?”

9:42:  Some people are so disgusted with these entitlements that they’re walking out.

9:43:  The room perked up drastically at the mention of “young people.”

9:45:  In other words, you law students. Giggles all around.

9:46:  Will Jim follow through?

9:49: But rich old people need the most care! All those rich foods . . .

9:50: Romney and Lehrer are gonna get these harmonies eventually.

9:52:  I can feel the invisible hand of the market shaking its fist (itself?) at Romney right now.

9:52:  How many kisses have you seen in Big Banks, Mitt?

9:54:  No one here rises to answer Obama.

9:56:  A Harvard Law student is literally pumping both fists at the fact that we’re moving on to healthcare.

9:57:  Where my death-panel fans at?

10:01:  A stunning, hilarious admission by Romney:  Massachusetts does not have Medicare.

10:03:  THE AUDIO JUST CUT OUT. I spoke too soon about the aspect ration. Maybe they had different people on audio and video?

10:06:  Skeptical muttering at Romney’s plan, but I think it sounds great!

10:08:  Maybe the invisible hand can forgive Romney.

10:10:  BREAKING:  Obama asks if Romney’s plans are too good.

10:12:  What’s the over/under on “plan”?

10:12:  Things just got Constitutional in here. The crowd is groaning.

10:15:  Is Obama’s cellphone ringing? No, it’s just some guy in Austin.

10:15:  BREAKING:  Romney likes good schools and teachers.

10:19:  I think the question on everyone’s mind in this education discussion is:  will the debate end on time?

10:21:  Romney’s refusal to grant Obama his own facts elicits gasps from the audience. He is the president, after all.

10:23:  The room is sympathetic to Jim.

10:25:  Can Jim cut the mics?

10:32:  Well, this blog certainly took the wrong path coming to this party. Recommendations:  more alcohol and more food for next time.

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