Where We Meld

Between the cold calls and the case briefs, you may wonder where you can go to tie it all together, to take what you have absorbed in the classroom and weave it into the complexity of reality. This is that place.

Since 1946, The Harvard Law School Record has been the home of young legal minds striving to apply their legal educations to their surroundings. This is where President Barack Obama, in 1990 as the Editor of Harvard Law Review, articulated his views on affirmative action. This is where Ralph Nader raised the consumer safety issues that later became his calling.  This is where you will find yourself inspired, engaged, furious…anything but apathetic.

You are a part of this conversation. This is a conversation that includes not only Harvard Law students, alumni, and professors, but the thousands of others unaffiliated with Harvard whom we are proud to call our readers.

We are looking for 1Ls and 2Ls to maintain this legacy of thoughtful dialogue by writing and editing. Today, Tuesday, September 18, we will be holding an information session at noon in Gropius Quad, near Ames Dormitory, between the volleyball courts and that metal sculpture.

You can find descriptions of available positions on our recruitment site. You can also contact us for more information at record@mail.law.harvard.edu.

We hope that, whether or not you write for us, The Record will be a part of your ongoing legal education—the part that melds theory with practice.

Lisa Ma is the editor of The Harvard Law Record and a 3L. 

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