Redding Elected President of Defenders

The Harvard Defenders elected a new executive board for the 2012 to 2013 academic year. Michael Redding, ’13, was elected president and Adrianne Clarke, ’13, was elected vice president. Cody Goehring, ’13, and Michael McMillin, ’13, were elected Case Assignment Directors; Lisa Friedman, ’13, and Robin Peguero, ’14, were elected Intake Directors; Lisa Sullivan, ’13, and Connie Sung, ’14, were elected as Training Directors; Natasha Sarin, ’14, was elected as Social Director;  Jen Machlin, ’13, and Kelly Wagner, ’13, were elected as Summer Recruitment Directors; Esther Mulder, ’14, and David Tassa, ’14, were elected as Outreach Directors; and Dylan Stern, ’13, was elected as Alumni Director.

The new executive board, from back to front, left to right: Kelly Wagner '13, Robin Peguero '14, Lisa Friedman '13, Michael Redding, '13, Michael McMillan '13, David Tassa '14, Cody Goehring '13, Dylan Stern '13, Connie Sung '14, Lisa Sullivan '13, Natasha Sarin '14, and Adrianne Clarke '13. Not Pictured are Jen Machlin '13 and Esther Mulder '14.
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