Student Government Votes Down Proposed Amendments

Student Government voted against the adoption of all four proposed constitutional amendments at its meeting on Wednesday night.

Student Government discussed only the first proposal, an amendment to Article II(B), and voted against the other three proposals—amendments to Article II and Article IX— without discussion.

During the discussion of the first proposal, various Student Government members said that the amendment was well-intentioned and motivated by a desire to continue the substantive projects members had been working on throughout the year. One Student Government member said that the proposal was the result of a “lack of foresight” rather than “malicious intent.” Another said that the discussions that resulted in the proposals were not personal but rather aimed at preserving institutional knowledge.

President-elect Matt Gelfand, Law ’12, also spoke at the meeting and said the proposals represented a “deep distrust” in his ability to execute his campaign promises. He said he would appoint an interim board of directors that would work with him to rewrite the constitution before resigning. He also stated he would seek student body ratification of the new constitution.

The meeting Wednesday night was attended by approximately ten students who were not affiliated with Student Government.

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