Hey y’all. In case any of you were wondering what I have been doing with myself, I was sick, beating a video game and then in Hotlanta for a week. I’ve also been in hiding due to the poor performance of my bracket. Which means, that a lot of really exciting-cum-terrible things have happened in my absence.  Here are the top five six stories I will not have time to be snarky about this week, in no particular order:

1. Is Tebow gonna be able to handle himself in NYC? Whole lotta sin… Not to mention a dirty Sanchez. (Yeah, you should Google that. But not in class unless you sit in the waaaay back). On the plus side, my mortal nemesis Peyton Manning has now joined forces with my other mortal nemesis John Elway, so my hatred can be more efficiently directed next year.

2. The Trayvon Martin story makes me sick. Aside from the terrible injustice of police racism/ineptitude and cruel pointlessness of a child’s death, the story just illustrates that there needs to be stronger gun control so that people can safely and responsibly enjoy their right to bear arms.

3. Elie Mystal has finally succeeded in his campaign to turn rational, intelligent people away from a legal career. But who will be the first-year associates doing our due diligence when we’re all partners?!

4. Romney wins big and easily in Illinois. Which is cute and all, but it’s not like Illinois will be up for grabs in the actual elections. Obama might be the only non-corrupt person to make it out of that state. Furthermore, Santorum is nowhere close to dropping out, which only means the sapping of funds from the Republicans while Obama is building (and rolling about in) his giant pile of dollars (and probably renminbi).

5. Some big Republican names are throwing themselves in with Romney. Eric Cantor, John Ashcroft, and now Jeb Bush. It’s times like this that remind you that it really is the Grand Old Party, and that powerful men will not allow a rube like Rick Santorum to take away their pornos and their mistresses’ birth control.

6. Skirts are back! Yay!

What I did want to talk about is a bit preachy, so you will have to bear with me here. Last night, I read an interesting blog entry. Here is the guy’s point, made applicable to any professions and all viewpoints: We are not only voters, even if politicians only see us that way. Our contributions to the governance of this nation are not merely taxes, votes, and letters to our congresspersons. We all have jobs and roles in this society, and we do not have to stand idly by while legislators impose morality/immorality/monotheism/atheism/hatred/ignorance/etc. on us. As students, professors, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and women, one-percenters, ninety-nine-percenters and everything else, we owe a duty first and foremost to those who rely on us and our fellow citizens, not to the legislature. Thus, when politicians are demanding that we physically, psychologically or emotionally harm a fellow citizen, we need to take a stand and indulge in a bit of civil disobedience. After all, it’s what this country was founded upon.

Lisa Wang is a 2L. Her column runs every other Wednesday, and she also be provides commentary on the Republican primary debates.

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