Gelfand, Shah, Vargas Vy for Student Government Presidency

Matt Gelfand, Law ’12; Rachna Shah, Law ’13 and Daniel Vargas, LLM ’06, S.J.D. Candidate are running for Student Government President of the 2012 to 2013 Academic Year.

In his candidate statement with Vice Presidential Candidate Jordan Roberts, Law ’13, Gelfand, a 3L who will not be at Harvard Law next year, said that he would re-write the Student Government Constitution to, among other things, address the present Constitution’s sanction of closed Student Government meetings and amendment of its Constitution and bylaws without seeking student input or consent. After re-writing the Constitution, Gelfand says he will then turn over the post of President to a 2L.

In her candidate statement with Vice Presidential Candidate Andrew Chinsky, Law ’14, Shah, current Vice President of Student Government, said that she would boost fundraising efforts such that Student Government could host more social events, instead of HL Central; increase transparency within the Student Government; improve 1L orientation and student access to information on jobs and courses and create a “multi-cultural council” to help augment collaborative efforts with student groups and other schools. On Monday night, on her campaign’s Facebook page, Shah stated she had withdrawn some of her candidate statements on HL Central.

In his candidate statement with Vice Presidential Candidate Judy Lai, Law ’13, Vargas, current S.J.D. Representative for Student Government, said that he would increase transparency by publishing, among other things, Student Government’s budget and minutes; enhance diversity in school policy; pursue cross-program collaboration; work with DOS to streamline student organizations’ operations and initiate a Global Legal Education Forum.

Facebook “Likes” For Each Candidate’s Campaign Page (Updated 10:42 a.m., March 6, 2012) :

Vargas: 116

Shah: 100

Gelfand: 40

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