Desai Elected as Editor of Environmental Law Review

Editor-in-Chief of the Environmental Law Review Sachin Desai, '13

Sachin Desai, ’13, was elected Editor-in-Chief of the Environmental Law Review. Each candidate had submitted a candidacy statement, after which members of the journal submitted votes via an online poll coordinated by an alumni.

“Our leadership team is five people, and each of us has something we want to improve with the journal. A big focus is on practicable, actionable goals.” Sachin said,  “I know we have a big project in mind for improving our subciting efficiency, as well as for improving student writing on environmental issues. We plan for the website will be a big part of the journal this year as well, and will help with both of the above. Increasing student interest in the subject area is always an overarching theme that the board keeps in mind every year as well.”


Desai is from Marlboro, New Jersey. He completed both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Cornell  in 2006. Before law school he worked for a year in Taiwan on a fellowship, working mostly with patents, and then was a strategy consultant until law school. His interest in the environment, and in particular clean energy, developed during college. Desai came to Harvard Law because the “environmental law program here is great”  and “the other students here are really interested and all have very innovative ideas on how to make the world a better place.”
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