Tim Visser Elected President of Legal Aid Bureau

Tim Visser, Law ’13, was elected president of the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau for Spring 2012 to Fall 2012.Visser anticipates maintaining housing and family law as the “heart of what the Bureau does.”

The newly elected and now acting board (from left to right, front to back): President Tim Visser, Law '13; Executive Director Josh Rovenger, Law '13; Vice President for Practice Standards, Ceilidh Gao, Law '13; Vice President for Membership Emily Wales, Law '13; Secretary-Treasurer Justine Goeke, Law '13; Training Director Lena Silver, Law '13; Intake Director Jennifer Ramos, Law '13; Outreach Director Cristina Rodrigues, Law '13; Research; and Communications Director Patrick Llewellyn, Law '13. Not pictured is Technology Director Dave Barber, Law '13

“Generally, there are always really broad and important questions that each class has to shape in terms of services that are needed in the community and which ones we are able to provide to the community,” he said, “Particularly, in the last few years, we’ve seen a focus on foreclosure defense work and that’s where we see an alignment of community need and our ability to meet that need.” Visser also said he anticipates more work on wage and hour representation and balancing limited representation with broader impact litigation.

Visser’s term will also see the 100th anniversary of the Bureau, and he anticipates his board will be in the unique position of planning for that event.

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