HL Central, Explained

In response to a request for HL Central‘s budget, HL Central Executive Directors Jason Gross, ’12, and Javier Peral, ’12, replied with the following e-mail (pleasantries omitted):

Since HL Central is a private company that operates on a not-for-profit basis, we do not usually give out financial information.  We would be glad to provide you with general information about our organization and what we do on campus.

HL Central works with its many partners (law firms and other organizations) to build community at Harvard Law School.  In exchange for sponsorship, HL Central assists its partners with marketing and recruitment efforts at HLS.  Often times this means partnering up with a test prep company or a law firm to host a community service project, or to throw a school-wide dance like 1L Formal.  HL Central also provides logistical and marketing assistance for law firms that wish to host social events and cocktail parties.

The vast majority of school-wide social events are now planned, promoted, hosted, and funded by HL Central.  This year HL Central events include: weekly Bar review, 1L Orientation Party and Improv Show, Foxwoods Trips, 1L Cup, 1L Formal, Greenday Musical, Celtics Game, Ice Skating, Multiple “Study Break” events, all the Lincoln’s Inn events like the Boat Cruise and Lincoln’s Inn Formal, and more.  Coming up in February, HL Central is hosting its annual Tacky Prom, one of the biggest and best attended events of the year.  Community service efforts include funding of various charitable causes through monthly T.J. Duane Community Grants, as well as Charity Bash and the SpringFest day of service.  HL Central also helps many student organizations fulfill their missions, by providing funding and logistical assistance for their events and activities.

All HL Central events are available to the entire student body either free or heavily subsidized.  HL Central receives no funding from Student Government or from HLS.

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