Indie group’s mellow set makes upcoming concert a must-see


Best Coast, a West Coast indie band fronted by Bethany Cosentino, made a splash in the Boston indie scene during a Fall 2010 tour. The chillwave band returns this February to a larger venue alongside Wavves, a genre mate of which Cosentino’s boyfriend is a member.

Although Paradise Rock Club does not have the same underground feel as the Middle East, where Best Coast last appeared in Beantown, the space will provide plenty of concertgoers with the opportunity to hear a line-up of solid bands, purchase the band’s merchandise, and, of course, drink plenty.

Last September I was one of the many fans who got a chance to hear the band perform its repertoire in Central Square, where it led a smaller tour. Cosentino bantered about song origin and tour stories, just enough to keep a fan enthralled. The focus was the music, with the band performing almost all of its 24 songs off of various EPs and its Summer 2010 album, “Crazy for You.” With barely four months between tour visits, the band has only released one new non-collaboration song, “When You Wake Up,” available on a split album with other bands on the tour. According to, fans can also pick up new merchandise, including beer cozies and old-school sunglasses, on this tour.

You don’t have to be an indie music fan to enjoy the low-fi, summery music. The band’s lyrics are simple, but leave an indelible impression. Cosentino and fellow band member Bobb Bruno have explosive stage personalities that are spectacular to witness. If nothing else, a mellow night of chill beach music should be a welcome respite from the cramped Langdell carrels. When you leave Paradise, you will be singing Best Coast’s “When I’m With You” to yourself and wishing the concert never ended.

Who: No Joy, Best Coast, Wavves

When: Friday, February 4, 2011

Where: Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA

Songs to YouTube before going: “When I’m With You,” “Boyfriend,” “Bratty B,” “Sun Was High (So Was I)”

Additional suggestion: Tell band member Bethany Cosentino it’s your birthday, and she just might invite you on stage with her (confirmed at the November Phoenix, Ariz. show). 

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