Student Groups Hosting HLS-Wide Halloween This Saturday



With interview season mostly over and the weather flip-flopping back to fall, it feels like Halloween: time for law students to let loose and swap suits for costumes. Students looking to celebrate won’t need to travel far – several student groups are hosting a costume party on campus – they’ll just need to remember to bring their wallets.

The party, sponsored by the 3L Class Marshals and the L.L.M. Class of 2011, will be held in the Ropes Gray room this Saturday from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. The event will feature food, dancing, and a cash bar.

Although last year’s event featured an open bar, Student Government President Jennifer Dein said the 3L Class Marshals were picking up the tab for most of this year’s event and could not afford to buy drinks for the entire school. Last year, L.L.M. students weren’t invited, while this year all Law School students and their guests are invited to attend.

“The 3L Marshal budget just can’t cover it for the whole school,” Dein said. “The consensus is they would rather have everyone be invited than leave out one sector of the community.”

Dein said she thinks the party will provide a much-needed study break for Harvard Law students.

“I think it’s a nice time, especially for the 1Ls, since so many students have been studying so hard up to this point,” she said. “It’s an important time to have an event for the entire community to get together.”

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