Greg Giraldo, Comedian and Class of ’90, Dies


Greg Giraldo posing for the 1990 HLS Yearbook

Greg Giraldo, comedian and Havard Law School graduate, died on Wednesday at the age of 44. The Home News Tribune of East Brunswick reports that Giraldo suffered from a drug overdose on Saturday, according to police. Giraldo graduated from the Law School in 1990 and went on to work at Skadden Arps in Manhattan before leaving law behind him to establish a successful career in comedy.

In 2000, Esquire profiled members of his class who had also chucked the legal profession. This week the magazine adapted that “obituary of his first life“–his motivation to attend Harvard Law, provide for and impress his parents, and pursue idealism before pursuing comedy. 

“Once people laugh at your jokes, he thought, there’s no doing law,” reported Esquire. 

Giraldo, best known for his work in Comedy Central’s roasts, has already prompted obituaries from the comedy community, including a eulogy by Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show” this Thursday, replacing its “Moment of Zen” with “Our Moment of Greg Giraldo.”

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