Letter: Obama’s Nobel is the pride of Africa


When Barack Obama ’91 campaigned for and won the U.S. presidential election, he was supported not only by Americans, but by millions of people across the globe who believe in his message of “hope”. For us in Africa, Obama symbolizes the renewal of hope for global peace and security. We see this honor as an encouragement and acknowledgement of his good vision and excellent leadership in making the world a safe and better place, for us and the generations yet unborn. The election of President Obama marks a new era in international relations.

Many young people across the world see Obama as a role model. Undoubtedly, the award which identifies him as an Ambassador of Peace will not only encourage him, as an individual, but also others that look up to him. His ability to reach out to other countries across political, ethnic, religious and cultural divides, within his short period in office, surely made him a hero that merits this award.

Congratulations President Obama. More grease to your elbows. We are proud of you!

Aminu Gamawa is an LL.M. student from Nigeria.

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