Free coffee will now grace halls of Harvard Law all day long


It was one of the most notable perks introduced to Harvard Law School by former Dean Elena Kagan ’86, who is now Solicitor General. But as many suspected, the free coffee that graced the school’s hallowed hallways was cut back following budget cuts early this year. Now, free coffee will flow through the veins of HLS students more liberally than ever, thanks to a new pilot program to provide it all day long.

According to an email from Dean of Students Ellen Cosgrove, sent to the Harvard Law School community today, the school will augment its current free coffee regime by making the caffeinated drink available in the kitchenette of Lewis Hall’s Room 202. The new free coffee station will supplement the morning coffee available in Pound and Austin Halls until about 10:15AM each day, as well as the evening free coffee available in the library kitchen after 9PM on weekdays and all day on weekends.

Cosgrove’s email indicated that the move came in response to complaints both by students and by faculty and staff, whose own free coffee supplies were being raided by students frequently, resulting in noise in hallways and gathering places near faculty offices.

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