Harvard out of flu vaccine


On Wednesday morning, Harvard Law School awoke to the news that the clinic scheduled that day to administer the seasonal flu vaccine would be cancelled due to lack of adequate vaccine supplies. A later e-mail further stated that all Harvard University flu clinics had been cancelled due to the shortage. According to University Health Services, over 15,000 vaccines have been administered in the last month and a half, prompting UHS to close its seasonal clinics early even though a larger supply had been ordered than in previous years.

UHS will be proceeding with scheduled clinics in undergraduate dining halls, but has encountered difficulty in receiving its final shipment of an additional 1600 doses that were needed for the other clinics around campus. UHS advises students seeking vaccination to contact local pharmacies.

Although the supply of seasonal flu vaccine has been depleted, UHS anticipates providing H1N1 vaccines once a supply becomes available. UHS has said that it will conduct the vaccination for H1N1 according to “guidelines established by public health authorities to prioritize distribution.”

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