Student government candidates: Max Perkins and Pablo Ros


Max Perkins and Pablo Ros

We wanted to let you that we are running together for President and Vice President of Student Government for the 2009-2010 year, and we want your support.We are committed to preserving the student-oriented focus that Dean Kagan forged at Harvard Law School. With the current economic situation and the transition to a new Dean, Student Government must ensure that, as with the changes to grading and OCI this year, the administration considers and incorporates student views into important upcoming decisions that will shape the remainder of our experience at HLS.To make sure that students come first even after Dean Kagan leaves, we propose:

1) Convening a series of town hall meetings with the new Dean and administration to solicit student input about critical financial decisions and policy changes and appointing representatives to select committees, particularly the Student Financial Services and IT committees, who will aggressively advocate for student interests;

2) Initiating a review of the registration process and the IT system, including MyHLS and exam software to eliminate the need for multiple passwords and avoid the problems we all experienced with Exam4;

3) Sponsoring programming that will integrate JDs, LLMs, SJDs and joint-degree students from the first week of the year; coordinating collaborative events to integrate students from across the Law School and between first-year sections; and responding to student requests for new social forums;

4) Organizing a school-wide philanthropic event each semester to benefit Cambridge residents in need and ensure that the Law School community includes the community around the Law School; and

5) Continuing to focus on the “small stuff” which improves quality of life at HLS (toasters for bagels, improved soy and vegetarian options at the Hark, towels and more ellipticals at Hemingway).

For more information about our plans to maintain the sense of community that Dean Kagan has established and our qualifications to make those plans work for you, please see our candidate statements which are attached.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions or ideas. And please remember to vote TODAY.

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