Student government candidates: Brian Aune and Jennifer Dein


Brian Aune and Jennifer Dein

We are the ticket that can accomplish your goals and we have a track record of doing so. When you look at what we have already accomplished, we hope that our ability and willingness to represent you will become clear:

? Brought the donuts back to Construction Cart Wednesdays.
? Communicated with students to solicit their views on how the new grading system should apply to them and then met with Dean Kagan in order to best accommodate them.
? Communicated with students to solicit their views on early OCI and presented their views to Assistant Dean Mark Weber.
? Advocated for and achieved changes at Hemenway that included getting one of the squash courts back and increasing the availability of free sweat towels.
? Arranged for News@Law to list the next day’s upcoming events in addition to the current day’s events, so that students can better plan for early morning events.

? Arranged to have classes taped on Election Day.
? Worked extensively with Restaurant Associates and the Administration to get:
? Harkness Commons to reopen for basic service from 2:30 – 5:00 PM.
? Toasters and strawberry cream cheese for the free Monday bagels.
? Improved vegetarian options and labeling.
? Improved consistency of options at coffee stations, e.g. tea, hot chocolate, soy milk.

? Heinz ketchup in the Hark.
? Solicited concerns and questions via email and blog regarding Exam 4 and presented feedback to the Registrar.
? Composed all of the Unofficial Course Evaluations.
? Planned the Student Faculty Lunch Program.
? Organized 1L grade-day candy table.
? Planned 1L Mixer themed Hark Pub to occur after Spring Break.
? Represented Student Government on Admitted Student Weekend.

In order to accomplish these goals, we have worked closely with the following individuals. They can verify that we have the ability to get your goals accomplished next year:

? Dean Kagan
? Dean Cosgrove
? Mark Weber (Assistant Dean for Career Services)
? Leslie Sutton-Smith (Registrar)

In conclusion, vote for us – Brian Aune and Jennifer Dein – for President and Vice President of Harvard Law School Student Government. We have the ability, the desire, and the energy to accomplish your goals – and we have the track record to prove it.

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