HLS needs a few good reps


This year’s Student Government still has work to do-but it’s already time to start thinking about picking next year’s representatives. Elections will take place on March 18th and 19th, and candidacy statements must be emailed to me, David Kessler (dkessler@law.harvard.edu), by 5PM on Wednesday, March 11th.

As you consider running for a position, keep in mind how Student Government advocated for student interests in the big changes HLS this year, such as the new grading system and the Early Interview program. We have also brought about numerous smaller positive changes, including longer Hark hours, toasters for morning bagels, first-grade-release candy for 1Ls, pens in the vending machines, and even Heinz ketchup in the Hark. We’ve also begun using our Blog and emails to keep you better informed about what we’re doing and generate feedback about what you need.

Now let me review what you can do on the Student Government. There are five Executive Board positions, and any current 1L or 2L can run for these. As President, I run the Student Government and its meetings and am the primary point of contact for the student body with the administration and the outside world. The Vice President (Andrea Miller ’10) serves as second in command and manages the student-faculty committees. The Student Advocate (Brian Aune ’10) is in charge of communications, including updating the Blog, sending emails to the student body, and responding to questions and concerns raised in emails to the Student Government. The Treasurer (Brendon Carrington ’09) manages the Student Government’s budget and chairs the Student Funding Board, which allocates funding to all the other student groups on campus. Finally, the Internal Affairs Coordinator (Maxine Perkins ’10) manages the logistics of meetings, including taking minutes.

In addition, there are eight slots for 2L representatives and eight slots for 3L representatives, for which any 1L or 2L can run. Representatives of each class attend Student Government meetings, raise their consituents’ concerns and communicate information back to their class. In addition, 2L and 3L reps serve on committees and help with all Student Government projects. Anyone who runs for an Executive Board position and loses can still run for 2L or 3L rep.

Beyond these specific roles, all members of the Student Government have a voice and a hand in what we do each year and our collective success. I hope you will join the Student Government next year to help it continue to serve HLS students.

David K. Kessler ’09 is President of the HLS Student Government

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