HLS student to be prosecuted for drunken brawl with police


Claudio Simpkins ’09 has been a rising star, both at home, in New York City, at Harvard Law School, and in the ranks of the Republican Party. The 3L has appeared as a talking head on cable news programs and became a well-known face in New York when his photo was used in subway ads for his alma mater, the City University of New York, which advertised his admission to HLS. The Truman Scholar was even called a potential “Republican Obama” by colleagues and friends.

It came as a surprise to many, then, when Simpkins became involved in a drunken brawl with police in downtown Boston last week, leading to his prosecution for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. According to the Boston Herald, Simpkins frequently invoked his prestigious position with the DA’s office – obtained through the good graces of the law school – during the course of the incident, reportedly telling police he would “lie and cheat” to ruin them if he ever called them to the stand. “Give me a ride, I work for the [expletive] DA’s office,” he continued, going on to curse his then boss and telling police “I’ll get you.”

In the course of his arrest Simpkins fell and was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. He has since been removed from the position at the DA’s office, and will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on February 26. In light of his relationship with the DA’s office, a special prosecutor has been appointed to handle the case.

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