German ballerinos dance into Harvard Law lore


ballet 02.jpg
ballet 01.jpg

In the coldest part of winter it can be difficult to recall the soft caress of a warm spring breeze or the delicate unfolding of spring’s first flower. Such was the experiential bliss brought to life at the international party by a troupe of German ballerinas, whose poise and coordination brought out the best the art has to offer.

When five German LL.M.’s took the stage in pink tutus and tights, the audience immediately roared in appreciation and admiration. Jan Leider, Tajan Tober, Marcus Wolter, Henrik Humrich, and Andreas Hoger were soon followed by Alexander Hellgardt, the swan. They immediately became the stars of the night, and though their tutus were not all taut and their pirouettes were not done on tiptoe, their dancing was an immediate sensation. At first it appeared they would only tap their toes and wave their hands, but soon they were circling, spinning, and leaping. When the performance was complete, the audience was hungry for more and called for an encore. Harvard Law School will not soon forget the grace and dignity of its very own German men in tights.

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