Smears and Jeers: Hating on Harvard


This election year presents the United States with a historic choice. Yes, America might wake up on November 5 and discover it has elected a Harvard Law School graduate president. As this compilation of quotes from over the last few weeks shows, some commentators just can’t handle the prospect.
– C.S.

“Tragically, Obama’s years at Harvard Law School apparently taught him that judges are robed politicians empowered to implement their personal political preferences disguised as legal interpretation and he would appoint people who fit that description.”

– Michael Gaynor,, September 14

“The pattern [is] clear. Harvard Law School attorneys — noted for their lack of economic knowledge – create an easy-money system which relies on flakey loans provided by fat-cat financial manipulators who are the primary contributors to the re-election campaigns of the legislators – almost exclusively Democrats.”

– Terry Easton, Human, September 22

“With the election quickly approaching, voters should consider what Obama’s HLS education means. In many ways it epitomizes his candidacy and reflects a man who is intelligent and thoughtful but also liberal, enigmatic, and completely out-of-touch with most Americans…Harvard embodies the liberal creed and remains doctrinally left-wing and politically correct. It helped nurture the Critical Legal Studies movement, whose advocates argue that law merely reflects biases and injustices and entrenches male, Caucasian societal dominance…HLS boasts far more left-wing professors than centrists or conservatives… [A]s voters question Obama’s liberalism, elitism, and values, Obama’s Cambridge roots should only exacerbate these concerns.”

– Brett Joshpe, The American Spectator, September 19

“In the final analysis, do we want people like [Obama mentor Laurence] Tribe on the Supreme Court, or will he do less mischief in his current capacity serving Kool-Aid (i.e., Marxist, socialist jurisprudence) masquerading as constitutional law to the legions of ‘intelligent’ young law students at Harvard?”

– Ellis Washington, WorldNet, September 13

“Harvard Law School is not as valuable a touchstone to human nature as raising five children in Alaska while going toe-to-toe with pretty tough, hard-nose Alaskan males.”

– Victor Davis Hanson, Real, Sept. 22

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