Photography: The Twin Towers Project


tower 2b.jpg
tower 1 9 11.jpg


During the course of the year, The Harvard Law Record will showcase a series of photographs of New York City which are linked by a common image: the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. While the Towers were tragically erased from New York’s skyline seven years ago, they remain a pervasive part of the city landscape. The images evoke many questions-will the Towers remain when the Freedom Tower is completed? How does the realized image of the World Trade Center help or hurt the process of recovery and renewal still ongoing in New York City? Please visit our website at where you can post reactions and express your opinion about the project with other readers. As always, we welcome feedback in the form of letters to the editor, submitted via email to



We begin with two personal photographs from a more innocent time. At left, my father, James Kalloch, and me on the observation desk of World Trade Center 2 in 1994. At lower left, my parents, Susan and James, on the observation desk with the Empire State Building in the background. The World Trade Center fashioned itself the Top of the World. It surely lived up to its billing.


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