News in Brief: Cambridge crime, secret Supreme visit, oldest alum dies


Walter Seward ’24 was the oldest HLS alum when he died

Attacks on Garden Street, in Cambridge Common

In recent days, the area of Garden Street and Cambridge Common has become the scene of two violent muggings. On September 14, a female Boston University undergrad was struck from behind while walking down Garden Street at 9:15 PM. Her iPod, digital camera, and other accessories were stolen, but she was not seriously injured. Around 9 PM on September 10, a male student reported being struck from behind in Cambridge Common. The student tried to defend himself, only to be taken down by several other assailants, receiving a swollen lip and several bumps on his forehead. The attackers made off with the student’s cell phone, iPod, and credit card. This brings the number of such incidents in the last several weeks to three; on August 29, a woman was assaulted in Harvard Yard.

Secret Event Brings Together Breyer, Israeli Justice

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and the President of the Israeli Supreme Court made an appearance in Hauser Hall on the evening of Thursday, September 11th, a source tells the Record. The two appeared at an unadvertised, high-security event with German Constitutional Law professor Frank Michaelman. According to the Record’s source, the event was kept so tightly under wraps that Alan Dershowitz was not even aware it was taking place, despite knowing the Israeli justice personally. He entered Hauser after recognizing the two Israeli guards posted outside, paid his respects to the justice, and left.

Oldest HLS Graduate Dies

Walter Seward was the fifth oldest male in the world when he died on Sunday at the age of 111. Seward, who remembered the administration of Theodore Roosevelt, graduated from HLS in 1924, and was the oldest living alumnus of the law school. He was also the oldest graduate of Rutgers, from which he graduated with a degree in classics in 1917. At HLS, he took classes from future Supreme Court justice Felix Frankfurter. After graduating, Seward practiced real estate law, and was still practicing after his 100th birthday.

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