Letter to the Editor


This week, North Korea kicked out United Nations monitors and started up its nuclear reactor. I’m sure the North’s fear is the same as Russia’s and a strategic partnership between the two is underway, similar to the newly formed Venezuelan military partnership, to isolate the threat of the US continuing its military invasion in an effort to monopolize the energy (oil) industry.

We have the technology to stop using fossil fuels today. Printing $700 billion to stimulate a failed economy won’t work in the long run. If we used the $14 billion we spend monthly in Iraq along with the $700 bullion dollar bailout fund on construction, research, manufacturing, and engineering jobs for hard working Americans to develop these clean energy technologies we would stop the export of the US dollar to foreign nations in the Middle East and China and we would build a stronger, cleaner, and safer America.

David J. Valego II
Allston, Massachusetts

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