Super Bowl or Super Bust? HLS Reactions


On Sunday, the New York Giants stunned the 18-0 New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl and break the hearts of millions of Bostonians.

What did HLS students have to say about the game?

“I was kind of shell-shocked, but not surprised given how the Pats were outplayed pretty much all night. I’m going to be seeing that Tyree helmet-catch in my sleep, and wondering what went wrong for a few months. Luckily I’ve been through much worse following the Red Sox so it’s not too bad,”

– Seth Kipp, 3L, Patriots fan

“I’m absolutely devastated. A team that was seconds away from making history will now be forever known for a monumental choke on the game’s biggest stage. At least we have the Red Sox.”

– Ben Gould, 3L, Patriots fan

“Eli and the Giants helped alleviate the substantial pain of New York expats forced to live through the last decade of Red Sox-Patriots-Celtics ridiculousness. Six days until pitchers and catchers report. Let’s go Yankees.”

– James Katz, 2L, Giants fan

“The so-called perfect team gets taken down by Eli Manning – a Mississippi boy who loves Seinfeld and antiquing – and David Tyree – a special-teams guy who caught 4 passes all year. The cherry on top would be if the new Spygate revelations turn out to be true and Belichick gets suspended for a year, so our lasting impression of him will be his premature departure from the field as he left his players to play out the final seconds.”

– Jesse Grauman, 3L, Giants fan

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