Reverend Jesse Jackson Speaks on MLK’s Legacy.


A group of local students was able to meet with Rev. Jackson and the panel after the presentation.
(Left to Right) Rev. Gregory G. Groover, Sr., Charles Street AME Church; Rev. Dr. LeRoy Attles, St. Paul AME Church

The Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke on Monday, February 18th on the subject “40 Years Later: The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”. The talk was part of Harvard Law’s Charles Hamilton Houston Institute lecture series, and was attended by professors, students, community members, and local political leaders. Jackson, head of the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition, described many of the racial problems society still faces 40 years after King’s death, and urged a number of positive policy actions “in his name.”

“Choose hope and selflessness over dope and self-gratification,” said Jackson. “Use your vote and marching feet as instruments of peace and justice.”

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