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Prof. David Kennedy Heads to Brown

Brown University’s new position of vice president for international affairs will be filled by international law professor David Kennedy, a 1976 graduate of Brown. Kennedy will officially take the post January 1st, but remain at HLS as a visiting professor. The new job is intended to expand Brown’s international programs and global involvement. “I’ve been here for more than 30 years, if you count my time as a student,” Kennedy told the Crimson last week. “And it’s been more than a home for me.”

Prof. Warren Named to Smart Money Power 30

HLS’s bankruptcy and consumer rights expert, Prof. Elizabeth Warren, was named to Smart Money magazine’s “Power 30” list this month of the “most powerful forces in the complex world of business and finance.” Warren, who was praised for her high-profile work as a consumer advocate, joined power brokers on the list like Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, Warren Buffett, SEC Chairman Christopher Cox ’76, and American Express Chairman and CEO Kenneth Chenault ’76.

UC Berkeley Law School Loses the “Boalt”

The UC Berkeley School of Law, known for more than a century as Boalt Hall after the building it inhabits, is planning to formally shift away from using the Boalt name in expressing its identity to the world. School administrators, concerned about the low name recognition of “Boalt,” paid $25,000 for a branding consultant, who among other things, recommended the school stick to “UC Berkeley School of Law.” For free, however, law gossip blog Above the Law (www.abovethelaw.com) conducted a poll to rename the law school, in which top contenders were “John Yoo Institute of Diplomacy and Torture,” “Che Guevara School of Law,” and the winner, “White Guys with Asian Girls School of Law.”

Lawsuit Over “Homosexual Agenda” MA Bar Exam Dismissed

The lawsuit filed against the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners by Stephen Dunne over Dunne’s failure to answer a question that involved a gay couple was dismissed October 9th, at Dunne’s request. Dunne had argued that his failing score on the bar exam, which was very close to the state’s passing requirement, was a product of his refusal to answer a domestic relations law question that centered on a legally married same-sex couple; he said his conservative Christian views prevented him from accepting this premise and that the state was advancing “Secular Humanism’s homosexual agenda.” While his dismissal request noted that the question did not appear on the next bar exam, state attorney general Martha Coakley stressed that the original question was legitimate and the state will continue to test bar applicants on similar subject matter in the future.

Law Student Shoots Up Casebook

An Indiana University law student is facing a felony charge of criminal recklessness with a weapon after firing shots off his apartment balcony October 16th. Police investigators who arrived at the scene found Jesse Sneed, 27, under the influence of alcohol, two assault rifles in the attic, and two bullet holes in a book about real estate transfer finance and development in the parking lot below his balcony.

In response, law students around the county gazed at their back-breaking casebooks and statutory supplements and sighed, “If only…”

2006 HLS Grad on VH1 Reality Dating Show

David Otunga ’06, a former member of BLSA and Harvard Defenders, appeared on VH1’s dating show “I Love New York 2,” sporting the nickname “Punk.” Otunga was previously an litigation associate at Sidley Austin’s Chicago office, but resigned around the time he joined the show.

The Record refrains from publishing pictures due to copyright concerns, but recommends a trip to www.myspace.com/davidotunga for as much background rap, beefcake shots, and video of pumping iron (oh yes!) as you can handle. As of the show’s most recent episode, Otunga had survived four eliminations and was still on the air.

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