Overheard in the Hark


1L guy sits down next to a girl he knows. She is drinking a Mountain Dew. He says, “Gah! That stuff is going to kill your sperm!”

No laughter. She just stares at him. He laughs and says, “Uh, sorry.”

Then he pulls out his four highlighters – all stuck together like a baton, and twirls them. She laughs awkwardly.

A third girl sits down, and Mister Comedy points out that the judge in the case they are studying is, “Friendly? Chief Judge Friendly? That’s awesome!!”

* * *

A group of 1Ls sits talking.

“Why do they have movie reviews in the Record? That doesn’t make sense.”

“I want to start my own paper called ‘Off the Record’ and publish, like, shortcuts around campus.”

“Can I write an article? I really want to write an advice column.”

(Editor’s Note: Email record@law with gems from the Hark – or anywhere on campus.)

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