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Did we mention to add a dollop of whipped cream? Remember that you don’t have to slave away on the substance if your plating is good.

Now that Halloween has passed, it’s time to take those un-carved pumpkins off your porches and bake the pumpkin pies the month of November seems to necessitate devouring. What, you say you are too tired to make a pumpkin pie from scratch because you are a busy law student? What, you don’t have a porch because you live in a dorm? And even if you did, you wouldn’t have had time to buy a pumpkin, because, as already noted, you are a busy law student?

The Record has the solution! It’s quite simple, actually. The innards of pumpkin pies now come in cans and the crust can be bought already attached to the pie plate (which, we assume, you don’t own anyway). Follow the below directions for a sure-to-satisfy your sugar craving perfect pumpkin pie.

The Record’s Own Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Estimated Prep Time: 5 minutes


One pre-made pie crust attached to a pie plate

One can pumpkin pie mix

Other ingredients indicated on pumpkin pie mix can


1) Pre-heat oven to temperature indicated on pumpkin pie mix can.

2) Mix pumpkin pie mix and other ingredients in large bowl until combined.

3) Remove whatever wrapping is on pre-made pie crust attached to a pie plate.

4) Pour combination into pre-made pie crust.

5) Place in pre-heated oven for time indicated on pumpkin pie mix can.

6) Cool before eating.

7) Enjoy your minimal-time-investment perfect pumpkin pie.

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