Senator Clinton Speaks at Boston Symphony Hall



Last Wednesday, October 10th, Senator Hillary Clinton took the stage at Boston Symphony Hall to lay out the case for her presidency. She was, admittedly, among friends — a couple thousand who had paid at least twenty dollars to sit through hot and cold speeches and Wellesley a capella, sing along to the Goo Goo Dolls, and then cheer wildly in her presence.

Last spring, I wrote in these very pages why I was supporting Senator Clinton for the presidency. In short, I testified she is the most experienced candidate, has the best vision for how our country can improve, and is the most competent. Now, as the first primary looms just a few months away, I am happy to report that she has taken the model for success of her New York Senate campaign — the ability to connect with voters in person, a flawless and nuanced understanding of the issues that affect her constituents, and impeccable organization — and translated it to the national stage.

She is every bit the candidate I had hoped she would be, and it follows that she will be every bit the president this country needs. But don’t just take my word for it. Here are some voices from the Harvard Law community (and beyond) in attendance last Wednesday evening.

“I support Senator Hillary Clinton because she is the most qualified and experienced person to address the present and future issues that our country faces, including the availability of quality healthcare for all Americans. As a mother, health insurance has been a primary concern in many of my personal and professional decisions. Hillary has demonstrated that she is a visionary who is able to identify issues before they become a crisis. Hillary was a pioneer in pushing for major healthcare reform. She had the courage to step forward and attempt to tackle this problem at a time when many Americans, including politicians, were not fully informed or did not care about the crisis that lay ahead. If anyone can solve the healthcare disaster in the United States and make the United States a global leader in quality healthcare for its people, it is Hillary! I have personally met Hillary twice at political rallies, including at the event in Boston on October 10, and both times I was fortunate to shake hands with her and have a few words. I am most impressed by Hillary’s ability to defy obstacles and temporary setbacks to ultimately succeed.”

–Maritza Reyes, LLM ’08

“I had heard bits and pieces of Clinton’s substantive policy ideas throughout the campaign season, but had not heard her lay out a cohesive plan until her speech at Symphony Hall. Hearing her outline and prioritize her agenda made me even more confident that she is the leader the United States cannot afford not to have. Clinton understands the United States’ problems abroad and at home, and also understands that both must be solved if the United States is to continue to be a world leader. As a former full-time intern in her Senate office for over a year, I know that Senator Clinton is thoughtful, respectful, and persistent in all that she does. I have no doubt that Senator Clinton will remain dedicated to every idea she articulated at Symphony Hall and throughout her campaign. Beyond her dedication, it is her range of experiences, all of which are instrumental to understanding how to complete the task, which further sets her apart from other candidates. She is exactly what this country needs in the wake of Bush.”

–Pamela Foohey, J.D. ’08

“I can’t vote in the election anyway, but I thought she was truly impressive last week! She seemed confident without being arrogant, determined yet relaxed, visionary and still down to earth, in short: presidential in the best sense of the word.”

–Viktor Winkler, LLM ’08

“Election time is a difficult one for some one like myself. I was born in 1991 and miss voting by a margin of only a few months. The constant stream of friends, only a few months my senior, who are excited to vote in the primaries and later in the election has already begun to get on my nerves. This, however, has not stopped me from getting involved. Over the past months I have read articles and books written by some of the candidates and, especially after hearing Hillary speak last week, I have come to the conclusion that she is, without a doubt, the most qualified candidate for the job. I urge everyone who is eighteen now, or will be eighteen next year, to do what I can’t and vote Hillary.”

–Clara Brodie, High School Sophomore

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