DVDs, Bagels, and a Snack Cart Added to List of HLS Perks


As if the free coffee, the ice skating rink, and all the other perks Harvard Law students receive from their doting administration were not enough, the Dean of Students Office thought long and hard this summer and added even more to the list of campus amenities. You may have noticed the assortment of bagels provided every Monday morning. Moreover, every Wednesday afternoon now marks snack cart day. In September, the snack carts hosted ice cream bars. October is the month of hot dogs (meat and vegetarian). In November, look for hot cider and donuts. The snack cart will take a break in December and over Winter Term to yield to special events (involving food, of course), but will return in the spring in reverse order. The Dean of Students Office already has deemed both “HLS traditions.”

In addition to providing more opportunities to eat free food, the Dean of Students Office also has established a new DVD collection that was recently introduced at the HLS Library. The Dean of Students Office commented, “There has been a desire from both the students and the administration to put together a collection of movies for the HLS community. Using the American Film Institute Top 100 as a guide, we created a compilation of over one hundred movies that we felt served as a strong foundation for an ever-growing video library. It is our hope that the Harvard Law School DVD Collection will not only provide entertainment but will serve as a unique resource for rare and classic films.”

In putting together the collection, the Dean of Students office teamed with the HLS Student Government and the HLS Library. The result is a diverse collection of movies; students may sign out anything from “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” to “Pulp Fiction” to “Toy Story.” I recommend “The Philadelphia Story” and “The Last King of Scotland.”

The DVD collection is located in the Lemann Lounge at the HLS Library. The DVDs can be signed-out for up to seven days and students may sign-out as many DVDs as they like. The Dean of Students Office plans to add at least fifty DVDs to the collection every summer. Movie suggestions may be emailed to dos@law.harvard.edu.

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