Grad Turns Her Bitterness Into A Minty-Sweet Business


When Anusha Rasalingam graduated from Harvard Law School in 1999, she headed off to New York City to pursue her dream of being an attorney. Fast forward three years to 2002. Rasalingam is having a bad day, and it is just one of many. Experience has taught her that it’s career-defeating to say “bite me” or “you suck” or “buzz off” to the people ruining her day.

But she soon figured out a way to say those things, and keep her job.

While she was at Harvard Law, she developed an affinity for perusing the novelty stores in Harvard Square to avoid reading for tax, fed courts, and the like. So, on that particular bad day, Anusha decided to put into reality an idea she had while living in North Hall during her HLS days. Why not inscribe my bitterness on a mint? And put it in a sleek, pocket-sized black tin. Then I can say exactly what I am thinking, and smile as I offer a minty-sweet treat. It’ll be like those candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, except “for every other day of the year . . . [T]he perfect gift for sworn enemies, annoying door-to-door solicitors, and anyone who rubs you the wrong way.”

Fast forward a few years, and Embittermints is born. Anusha is still a practicing ERISA attorney, but she now has an alter-ego as “the Mint Mogul,” and Embittermints has hit stores across the East Coast, including Black Ink in Harvard Square. The somewhat sweet rectangular shaped mints are subtly, and dare

I say tastefully, inscribed with a variety of scathing remarks, including, of course, “bite me,” “you suck,” and “buzz off.” My favorite is “idiot.” Neatly packaged in a small black tin artfully decorated with the Embittermint’s motto, “so mean, so minty,” I may be tempted to pull out the tin the next time I’m feeling particularly bitter. Maybe my prey will get “wench” or “yo mama.” Perhaps they’ll consider it a fair trade for minty-fresh breath.

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