The Harvard Law (Review) Review


When I was a 1L, Professor Dershowitz told my section an anecdote about something a former dean here used to tell the students: “Movies are very important to us here at Harvard Law School,” he mock-boomed, “choose the one you see this year very carefully.” Thankfully, things have changed since that point, as the very existence of my position here attests. I’ve had a wonderful time working as Entertainment Editor of the Record for the past two years, from the first submission I received (which happened to be a very critical review of a classmate’s book), to the final review I wrote two weeks ago. Special thanks to Anna Brook and to everyone who took the time out to send in their thoughts on a book, film, restaurant, DVD, sporting event, or, in one case, a trip to the beach.

If there’s any wisdom that I can impart upon leaving HLS, it’s that taking the time to occasionally zone out and watch a movie (or the entire first season of “Knight Rider,” if that’s what gets you going) can be extremely therapeutic. The combination of Netflix and TiVo, though not the best when trying to prepare for an Admin panel discussion, has prevented a former English major such as myself from hurtling headlong over the precipice of pure utilitarianism over the past three years. Just as importantly, it’s helped me to keep some kind of point of reference when talking to friends and family who avoided law school, people who blissfully go about their lives without using terms like res judicata. So the next time you find yourself sitting down to watch a seven-hour marathon of “Scrubs” episodes you’ve already seen on a Saturday, or watching the second half of Rocky because they’re playing it on AMC yet again at 2:30 in the morning, think of it not as procrastination, but as mental health care. And when the Admin books try to tear you away, just remember the saying popularized by our current dean here at HLS: “You’ve already won.”

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