In the Future, Please Refrain From Spamming My Car. Thank You.


Scan of NOte sm.jpg

Unfortunately, this is not a joke; my car really was the proud recipient of hate mail. I found this note stuck to the windshield of my car in June of last summer. My car was parked in the lot next to the Jungle, a theater in the uptown area of Minneapolis. Actually, it wasn’t quite my car. It was my parents’ car that they graciously allowed me to borrow for the summer while I was working as a summer associate at Dorsey & Whitney. They drive the older version of the bubble Lexus SUV. The car had Connecticut plates, a Harvard Law School sticker in the back window, and a small stuffed bunny from a McDonald’s happy meal happily perched on the dashboard. Otherwise, the car was quite clean and empty.

My college roommate and I road-tripped the car from Connecticut to Minnesota at the beginning of the summer. On the way, we stopped in Pennsylvania Dutch country. While there, we fell in love with the cute bunnies some Amish children were selling. When we found a stuffed version in a McDonald’s happy meal, we proclaimed it our trip mascot. In short, the bunny had sentimental value, which is why it had a seat on my dashboard the entire summer.

Despite the note, I love Minneapolis and Dorsey & Whitney and intend to return this summer. In fact, I think the note is hilarious, even though it trails off at the end, making it slightly less humorous, and somewhat pathetic. But it’s still funny!

Pamela Foohey, 2L, would like to reiterate just how much she loves Minneapolis.

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