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In the wake of the AutoAdmit-related events in the past several weeks, the Record is launching a new series entitled “Hot Website.” The series serves as a reminder to HLS students that there are many worthwhile, productive, and fun websites on the Internet that can be accessed as an alternative to AutoAdmit and other wearisome message boards. Every few weeks, our entertainment section will briefly profile an interesting and useful website.

Our first website is Remember the game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon?” Kevin Bacon has used his notoriety to transform this irritatingly gimmicky game into an online charitable-giving site. Launched in late January, the site partners with the non-profit group Network for Good to create an online network of celebrities and ordinary individuals. Building off of Network for Good’s existing network of charities, users can collect celebrity “charity badges,” create their own badges, and donate to more than a million charities in one place, thereby creating “degrees” of connections that have the potential to grow exponentially. A charity badge allows users to raise awareness and money for their favorite cause or causes by posting their badge to their blog or webpage, or emailing their friends a link to it. The badge calculates donations in real-time, allowing users to track just how much they personally have raised for their favorite charity, and how much their favorite charity has received overall through the SixDegrees network.

Noting that thousands of people read celebrity magazines and tune into celebrity gossip shows everyday to see what celebrities are wearing, eating, and buying, Bacon has commented: “Why not look at what (celebrities) care about?” (Karen Thomas, “Bacon turns ‘Six Degrees’ into a game of giving”, USA Today, January 18, 2007.) The site currently hosts over 50 celebrities and thousands of other charity badges. I created my own charity badge this morning; it, along with a weblink to it so you can create your own charity badge or donate to my favorite charity, accompanies this article. Bacon’s charity badge and weblink is also included.

Use your online time productively: go to to create your own charity badge today.

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