Overheard in the Hark


You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be printed in…OVERHEARD IN THE HARK


Who wants to participate in a medical study?

Ad for McLean Hospital study: Seeking healthy smokers or healthy cocaine users.


Student 1: Tammy Lynn Michaels [Etheridge] needs to update her blog. Otherwise, I won’t have anything to read in corps!

Student 2: Maybe [Prof.] Clark could change the Melissa Etheridge song from the Oscars into one about corporate governance proposals.

Student 1: It would go something like: “Boards need to wake up . . . directors need to be changed . . . shareholders are going to shake up . . . shareholders want to speak out . . . boards are going to break up . . . directors been asleep . . . and they’re going to wake up now.”

Student 2: I think Al Gore would get behind that

Student 1: So would [Prof.] Bebchuk.


A conversation between two prominent members of the HLS?faculty on an extremely crowded Saturday morning at Shaw’s in Porter Square:

[One professor spots the other.]

Professor 1: Hey, you and I have flexible work schedules, why don’t we come back on a weekday?Professor 2: You’re right.

[The two leave the store.]

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