Overheard in the Hark


You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be printed in…OVERHEARD IN THE HARK


3L counseling 1L distraught about school: “You need to, I don’t know what your religious beliefs are, but just turn to G-d and he will show you the way through this.”


Two students walking along all bundled up:

Student 1: “Why is it so cold in March?”Student 2: “Because G-d hates Boston.”Student 1: “Why?”Student 2: “Actually, I think it’s mother nature reacting to Al Gore’s Oscar performance. Eat this, Al! Where is your global warming now? Huh?”Student 1: “I hate Gore.”


At the beginning of Corporations class:

Professor: “I must be mentally ill because I was dreaming about [Stone v. Ritter] last night. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.”


Email from one professor trying to help out a colleague:

Dear squash club members. Forgive the broad email. My friend Cass Sunstein (cc-ed), who is visiting from Chicago, is a great squash player — he was on Harvard’s national team as an undergraduate, and is still very good despite his advanced age. He is seeking squash partners in the A range (really in the A range), and he is looking for a game Friday afternoon, and possibly thereafter. Thanks!

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