Do We Need More Snacks? And Other Burning Questions


If the recent student government elections are any indication, there seems to be a feeling on campus that there are not enough, or good enough, snacks on campus. Ms. Mapes’s article of February 22 of this year should have convinced some of you that there are plenty of free food opportunities for those who take a few minutes each day to come up with a strategic gaming food plan.

I’m a Californian and even less fond of winter than many of us here, but do we need sandwich carts in the academic buildings? Why aren’t vending machines sufficient? Shouldn’t we have something left to entice us out of our caves and from behind our computers long enough to walk to the Hark?

Yet even more than food, I don’t believe HLS is suffering from a lack of free coffee. And, frankly, if the coffee got much better – and let me be clear that as much as I love that oddly addicting concoction they call coffee at Dunkin Donuts, it’s not that much better than what we have on campus – I would begin to wonder where my tuition dollars were going.

My biggest confusion is why we need better coffee. What we need is more creativity in how we use the resources we already have. If we went to Yale, maybe then we could expect Peets or terroir coffee in our mugs each morning, but why can’t we be satisfied with what we have? From the tables in Pound, I can make a selection of tasty beverages to get me through my morning. In addition to my standard black coffee and plain tea, some other drink selections include:

Café au soya: I prefer a mixture of 3 parts coffee to one part soy milk with the milk added to the cup first.

Semi-sweet tea: I don’t like my tea heavily sweetened, so I recommend dissolving half a pack of your sweetener of choice into an ounce of hot water, then adding tea.

Rich & creamy coco: This isn’t the healthiest drink, but on a cold morning nothing is as satisfying as a cup of hot chocolate. Take 4 spoons of coco powder. Add three containers of cream. Fill cup with hot water.

Café mocha: My favorite treat at the free coffee bar, I make this drink with 3 spoons of chocolate, one container of half and half, topped off with coffee. Stir well.

If anybody has other creative concoctions, let me know and I’ll publish them in my next column.

Here are some of my other ideas for improving campus amenities. For starters, why don’t we have the more comfortable plastic applicator tampons in the women’s restrooms, and did anybody else notice that the Crimson report on the Dean Kagan Lovefest neglected to mention the tampon display? While I’m on the subject, have any of you ever been in a bathroom at a posh (or kitschy) restaurant that has a bathroom attendant? Maybe we could get a couple of luxury bathrooms in the Hark and Langdell with cloth towels, a few bottles of perfume, spray deodorant, combs, tissues, hand moisturizer, and mini toothbrushes. That would make subcites and studying for finals much more pleasant. Our student government or HLCentral should give this idea a test run. Just think how much more social our bathrooms will become!

Some other more exotic services might include subsidized laundry or cleaning services for the dorms, grocery or snack deliveries, and bulk-rate moving services, especially for those not covered by firms. Now that I think about it, why do people in the dorms pay for laundry? They don’t at Stanford. Finally, it would be helpful to have a financial advisor, not specifically for financial aid, but to talk with students about prospective financial planning, give tax tips, and advise students on how to maximize quality of life on grants and loans.

Rather than high-end plastic applicator tampons (which now that I think about it aren’t as environmentally friendly as cardboard), bathroom attendants, snack deliveries, or free gourmet coffee, here are some services I would like to see at HLS:

More recycling bins. They have them in many of the classrooms, but I want to see one every place there’s a trash bin. There should be signs up reminding people to recycle.

Free copies or a copy allowance. This should be in addition to our printing quota.

Water coolers or tap filters. No one wants to get mono from the drinking fountains. It would save many students a few bucks a week.

More transportation subsidies. $3.40 every time I go to the Legal Services Center or Chelsea District Court adds up fast. Encourage us to take public transportation. Make this free.

Erin Archerd, a 2L, encourages you to email her if any of these services are already available, or if you have any other suggestions.

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