Thank You, Dean Kagan. We Love You


An exhibit of the good things Dean Kagan has brought to the law school.
Dean Kagan poses with students sporting “I (heart) EK” shirts.

The Hark was abuzz Tuesday afternoon for a party arranged by student organizations to celebrate Elena Kagan’s continued deanship. Hundreds of students and faculty, many wearing t-shirts emblazoned with “I (heart) EK” and “Keeping the Kag,” mingled amongst a Sodexho feast. The most delicious chocolate layer cake bearing the message “Hoorah for Harvard Law” echoed the atmosphere of the party. Pictures and displays of Kagan’s contributions to Harvard Law’s campus and student community were scattered throughout the Hark. Students wrote personal messages to the Dean on posters. As an anonymous blogger noted, “It really was something!”

After students told their favorite Dean Kagan stories, the Dean gave a speech emphasizing how honored she is to be part of Harvard Law School. Kagan began by gracefully acknowledging the elephant in the room, saying that she felt like a winner today. The mood, however, suggested that Harvard Law was the real winner. Students emphasized the things Dean Kagan has done for them, including the ice skating rink, morning coffee, and the renovated Hemenway gym. Moreover, the Dean promised “the best has yet come.” While she may not be sure “what will go on the table besides the ice skates, tampons, and coffee,” it almost certainly will be something we will soon be unable to live without.

Dean Kagan ended by underscoring the pride and happiness she receives from leading an institution that “matters not only for those of us lucky enough to make up its community, but everyone around the world.”

Barely audible over the deafening applause, one student shouted, “We love you!” The opinion was unanimous: the students love Dean Kagan and are overjoyed that she is still the Dean.

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