Overheard in the Hark


You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be printed in…OVERHEARD IN THE HARK


Indiscreet person of the week:

Girl is sitting in a chair in the Lehmann Lounge with five other people studying very close to her. She gets on her cell phone without moving away from other people and says:

“WE JUST GOT GRADES. IT WENT REALLY WELL, I GOT ALL As!!!” (Heads turn and stare at her, she doesn’t notice.) “AHAHAHA! I’M HOPING IT WASN’T A MISTAKE!”


“Smack, smack, chomp.” “BIG SWALLOW.””IGugwasugermbriefsgugdchomppresschewswallowclassglug.”(ie the sound of people talking with food in their mouths)

Looks like the rest of us missed the memo that let us know that not only do we attend the New York of law schools, they have banned manners in New York.


From an anonymous professor’s Corporations class:

Professor: Actually, let’s look at [the Restatement] now. I have a feeling people don’t read statutes . . . [voice trails off] because they’re boring.


1L Dude #1: Dude, will you bring me back some Magnums?1L Dude #2: How am I supposed to bring you ice cream? In a cooler?

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