Letter to the Editor


Dear the HLS community,

In his or her latest salvo, the “Masked Avenger” suggests that I implied that my coauthors on the clerkship study to which the “Masked Avenger” has referred were the ones responsible for the couple of survey questions to which the “Masked Avenger” so vigorously objected. I made no such implication (my passing reference to coauthor relations in an email response to the “Masked Avenger” – before I realized that the “Masked Avenger” had also sent his or her letter to the Harvard Law Record – referred to the understandable impatience many of my coauthors, on a variety of different articles, have when I drag out publication processes as a result of the many rounds of revision and checking I engage in prior to the time any article with my name on it goes to press). On the clerkship survey, although I cannot recall at this point exactly who wrote what (the original survey was drafted in the fall of 2004 with essentially no changes in 2005 and 2006), I’m quite sure I deserve at least my proportionate share of the blame. All of the questions the responses to which we use in our article will appear verbatim in the article when it is published, so readers can make their own assessments if they are interested in reading the article. It will appear in print later this spring.

Best wishes,Christine Jolls

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