HL Central’s Touch of Class…But Just a Touch


Prom King and Queen Aaron Brooks and Nicole Valco.
From left to right

Prom: the culmination of high school and the most memorable night of your teen years, or the chance to dress weird for a hazy night of dancing and drinking in law school? Perhaps both. On Saturday night, HL Central hosted its annual “Tacky Prom,” which has been called “The Superbowl of the Harvard Law School social calendar.” For those who attended, the event was worthy of its praise, as over 500 inebriated law students packed the Ropes-Gray Room and made this not only the biggest, but also the best all-school party of the year.

In law school, as in high school, prom is an opportunity to dress to impress. Unlike high school prom, however, where guys have to wear boring tuxes and girls have to worry about messing up their hair, law school prom is one of students’ last chances to look as ridiculous as they can. This year, in accordance with the event’s theme-“A Touch of Class…But Just a Touch”-witnessed a tux presumably borrowed from Lloyd Christmas, jackets too flashy for Liberace, and rainbow-colored sweater vests. Additionally, a pack of age-inappropriate boy scouts finally answered the question, “Who wears short shorts?”

Of course, prom is also about traditions, and this prom is no exception. After a week-long process of nominations, all attendees on the night of the event got to vote for candidates for Prom King and Queen. In a landslide victory, 2Ls Aaron Brooks and Nicole Valco took the crowns, and danced together in pure romantic bliss as a crowd circled around them. Other attendees were impressed not only by the King and Queen’s color coordination, but by Brooks’ bulging biceps, which had busted through the sleeves of his tuxedo. This was also a great moment to give thanks to Valco, HLCentral’s Director of 2L/3L Community Development who planned this year’s Prom with the help of 1Ls Lauren Leahy and Jo Robinson.

Prom won’t be the last big event of the spring. In early March HL Central will host its annual Charity Bash, this year to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The event will be at Mansion, the newly-opened upscale club that has replaced the Big Easy. Just like last year’s Bash, which had over 800 attendees and raised over $12,000 for Hurricane Katrina relief, this year’s Charity Bash promises to be a huge event and a lot of fun. Additionally, for the first time, there will be an exclusive VIP section for people who make larger donations. The goal is to surpass last year’s amazing effort, not only in raising money, but in seeing more people come out to support the cause. Emails will of course be sent out as soon as the details are finalized.

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