Winter Term: A Season for Upheaval


Some people think that the Winter Writing Program is a chance to slack off for three weeks and then throw together a musical theater version of Legally Blonde at the last minute while everyone else is slaving away in class for three to eight hours a day. This, however, is not true. Not only did I have to spend a grueling two weeks in the tropics without university-funded hazard pay, since my return I’ve been adhering to a rigorous schedule, one that requires me to be up and active as early as 9am when TBS re-runs Dawson’s Creek. (We’re fast approaching Andy’s psychotic melt-down. Awesome.)

Unfortunately, this devotion to scholarly pursuits has left little time for things like actually making it to campus (or writing columns, to explain the brevity of this one). When I finally did, I was honestly a little shocked at the changes that had been wrought in my absence. Most of these changes have been negative.

1) Sodexho got rid of my favorite jalapeno turkey club sandwich. I suspect they thought that by doing this right before finals I would be too busy to notice. They were wrong. I noticed. Bring back my sandwich, Sodexho, or I might have to consider joining with all those student groups that are planning on boycotting you for . . . well, for whatever presumably non-sandwich-related reason they’re planning to boycott you for. Representatives from Unbound can feel free to contact me at any point.

2) Tuesday seemed like the perfect opportunity to go take a nice swim but when I got there, I discovered that the swimming pool had frozen over. People were even skating around on top of it! That kind of sloppy maintenance is unacceptable, particularly with Hemenway about to be swarmed by MAC refugees. This kind of laxness is especially inexcusable in light of how well the pool worked last year; what’s stopping a repeat of that fine performance?

3) People are now being robbed in broad daylight in Harvard Square. Actually, if we’re still at the stage where people are being informed of every robbery that takes place, we’re probably not doing too badly. Until U.S. News adds a “criminal paranoia” category to the rankings, this probably won’t affect us too much (they don’t have crime in Palo Alto).

But not everything that took place in my absence is negative, of course. For instance, I hear the Registrar’s Office has a new way of releasing grades to us electronically. This is fantastic news; I’m sure it’ll go off without a glitch and we’ll have grades quicker and more conveniently than ever.

Katie Mapes, 2L, hates the new sandwiches.

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