Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

On the 21st of December 2006, the Wall Street Journal, led by writer John Hechinger wrote and published a stunning article on the greed of the Harvard Administration. Sadly, he reported that “Six Harvard University investment managers received a total of 13.3 million in annual pay…” Mr. Hechinger further reported that “Those paychecks stirred debate on campus from those who say they are inappropriate for an educational institution with charitable, tax-exempt standing.”

How terrible these excessive paychecks are, when measured against those poor students, and their families who are struggling hard to pay their Harvard Law School tuition! How immoral these paychecks are when balanced against those poor students who are saddled with a decade of high debt to pay for their Harvard Law School education! How troubling these now exposed facts are to those who mistakenly thought that the administration was looking out for the students!

Well, well one might ask, now that the Wall Street Journal has published the truth about the greed of the Harvard University administrators, how does the University defend such horrific greed? According to the same article, “John Longbrake, a Harvard spokesman, said the recent pay levels reflect the same compensation system applied in recent years.” Well Mr. Longbrake, that excuse will provide great comfort to those increasingly poor Harvard Law School students as they wonder where their next meal is going to come from. Yes Mr. Longbrake, your excuse will provide a balm to those students who are struggling for a decade after graduation, to pay their housing and their medical bills.

Well again, one might ask, what does the Law School Dean have to say about these greedy paychecks? Silence again? Doesn’t the Dean object and petition for a redress of grievance? Shouldn’t the Dean be asking for the removal of such greedy investment managers? Doesn’t the Dean care? Will the Dean hide behind a spokesperson? How do you defend that level of greed? What does the Dean earn? WHAT DOES THE DEAN EARN? WHAT DOES THE DEAN EARN?

Where are their ethics?

Respectfully submitted,

Charles Facktor, HLS Class of 1990.

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