The 1L Cup


The winning team (section 6) posing with Mike Glick who organized and ran (as well as created) the 1L cup. Mike is in front sporting a “Law School” t-shirt.
One of the unlucky victims of the last game, appropriately called Torture.

The race for the First Annual Harvard Law School 1L Cup began appropriately – with a race. But this wasn’t your ordinary Olympic event. This was a banana race, where competitors had to make a loop carrying a banana in between their legs and then eating the banana as quickly as possible before the next person in their teams’ line could do the same. On the afternoon of Friday, October 13, 2006, HL Central hosted a competition of brawn, wits, and humor, pitting 1L sections against each other. The sections were fighting for the prized Cup and for the honor of being this year’s winner. Sections 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 all competed, and the competitors gave their best in the name of section pride.

Section 2 took the early lead after the first event, but Section 6’s strong second place finish in that event foreshadowed things to come. Combined with a first place in the banner and costume competition (they dressed up as the “Justice League” and had prepared a boastful rap and gymnastics exhibition) Section 6 took a lead they would never relinquish. That’s not to say that other teams didn’t put up a fight. Section 5, limited by a significantly smaller team than most of the other sections, nevertheless pulled off a stunning victory in the three-legged race. Observers felt their victory was in part due to their cheering section, led by their toddler team mascot.

As the competition progressed, Section 2 took another key win in the applesauce game, where teams bobbed for Hershey kisses in tubs of applesauce. The final event, aptly named “Torture,” had teams rushing to complete a list of ten tasks to be done to an immobilized team member, including painting his/her toenails, toilet papering, excessive use of whipped cream, and maybe even some elbow kissing (kudos to those team members who were able to leave their lips on an elbow through the entire game). Section 7 took the gold in this final event.

In the end, Section 2, perhaps assisted by the experience of a professor, took second place overall. Section 7 had a strong showing in third. But the glory of first place in the first annual 1L Cup, went to Section 6.

Undoubtedly, everyone had a lot of fun, and most got a little messy. All in all, the inaugural 1L Cup was a huge success. There were over 150 competitors, as well as a large number of spectators. In true Harvard Law School form, the games turned into fierce, cerebral competition as teams strategically lobbied judges for event victories. The shining Cup itself was so desired that it was stolen and a ransom note was issued for its return. In fact, the Cup has not yet been returned, and Mike Glick would like everyone to know that there is a significant reward (in the form of his undying affection) for any information leading to its safe recovery.

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