Overheard in the Hark


You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be printed in…OVERHEARD IN THE HARK

During happy hour in the Hark: “But then Hohfeld comes back and says, ‘You DON’T have a legal right!'”

During the MPRE when students have to fill in what state their score should be reported to:Confused student: “The state where we report the score has nothing to do with where we take the bar, right?”Proctor: “Oh, that’s a good question. Let me see if I can find the answer.”A fellow student helps out after an awkward pause: “This is part of your bar, you need to fill in the same state.”

At Starbucks, boy with Civ Pro book in his hand, clearly still trying to come to terms with his rough upper middle class upbringing: “Yo, thats just wrong, yo,” upon learning that Starbucks was out of S’mores or similar food item.

Male: “I can NOT stand people who reply ‘maybe’ on e-vite. Either you’ll be there or you won’t. I need to know how much beer to get.”Female: “But some really do mean ‘maybe.'”

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