My Class Review


RiskDavid Cope, David RosenbergRating: *1/2

Aside from the third-grade level subject matter that has something to do with risk (“Do you know what insurance is? Do you have insurance?”), this class is, apparently, a springboard for David Cope and David Rosenberg to speak about whatever is on their mind, ranging from happiness to anything Rosenberg is publishing that week. Class assignments range from “chat about happiness” to “Here is an assignment I recycled from my FedLit class. Do it.” Two months later, you will not get your assignments back. I expect grades to be arbitrary. Avoid.

Constitutional LawRichard ParkerRating: **

I’m not sure if I’m learning anything, but it’s not constitutional law. Every time Parker discusses one of his weird theories, I regret not taking Daryl Levinson’s class, like 300 of my classmates. On the upside, Parker brings to class humorous stories, populism, and the whitest hair Harvard has to offer. And it’s likely better than the alternative – incomprehensible knee-jerk liberalism with Larry Tribe!

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